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Trouw Nutrition Hifeed is the global leader in premixes, protein concentrates, innovative feed specialities and nutritional services for the animal nutrition industry, serving all corners of the world. Hifeed, your global key to local success! Trouw Nutrition is a Nutreco company. Nutreco is a global leader in animal nutrition and fish feed.

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The Quality Council of India (QCI) is a pioneering experiment of the Government of India in setting up organizations in partnership with the Indian industry. Since 1992 a need had been felt for the establishment of an accreditation body in the country to establish internationally acceptable mechanism for recognition of conformity assessment results.

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eFresh Agribusiness Solutions has conceived a SMART and SAFE Farming Platform as a One Stop Shop for all Farmers needs, Knowledge and Market Linkages for Farm Produce using TRADITIONAL and TECHNOLOGY Interventions.

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