Ecobliss India – An Indo Dutch JV success story

Ecobliss India – An Indo Dutch JV success story

Passion for Packaging has brought these two people together and eventually two countries!

Chakravarthi AVPS a well known packaging enthusiast in Indian packaging industry and Ron Linssen from the Netherlands who is a passionate innovator with never ending thrust came together to establish the Indo-Dutch packaging joint venture, Ecobliss India.

Ever since its inception around seven years ago, Ecobliss India has become a force reckoning in India in many fields, especially in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector with its innovative packaging solutions. It has reached many milestones and received several national & international packaging excellence awards that include 100% success rate in three successive years at ‘Worldstar Awards’ – a record.

At Ecobliss we understand that packaging is essential in capturing that ‘first moment of truth’. It only takes seconds for a consumer to notice a product on the store shelf. That moment presents an incredible marketing, selling, innovation and solution providing – the key to stay successful in the demanding and ever changing market of blister and high visibility packaging.

For the last 2 years, Ecobliss team and the founder, Mr. Ron Linssen have put together their combined know-how in packaging, to develop the world’s first re-closable Child Resistant Carton named Locked4Kids. This new CR carton concept has received certification for various carton dimensions by the authorized ISO 17025 testing institute BVI in Belgium and has been tested against both, the European (ISO/EN 8317) and US (16 CRF 1700.20) standard for re-closable child resistant packaging.
What if a child in the family gets poisoned by accidental intake of medicine? Panic! rush to the ER, or worse… think about the effect that would have on a person’s life or that of his/her child…and how it would feel knowing that he/she could have prevented it.

If applied on a mass scale, Locked4Kids will prevent numerous accidents and save the lives of many children.

Locked4Kids – winner of 3 awards: This innovative packaging has won Dutch Gouden Noot, CPhI Pharma Award for best innovation, World star packaging excellence Award and it has won the WPO Presidents Gold Award – the highest recognition in the packaging industry at Milan on 19 May 2015.

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