Investment Phase

/Investment Phase

Investment Phase

Location aspects:

Before finalizing any particular location for running your business, it is important to be clear about the following considerations.

Understand the zoning and environmental aspects applying to the location.

Check out property titles, and preferably buy land directly from the Government.

Ensure that property titles are transferable to the company and do not remain in private names or under power of attorney.

Understand tax and other incentives available in various locations.

Check out availability of resources, logistics and transportation, besides social amenities and living conditions before finalizing your business and factory location.


Once your business location is finalized, you need good human resources to manage it. It is useful to have a look at the points mentioned below.

Determine the actual need for posting expatriates at various levels, especially as a Director, attracting a local director has great benefits too.

Understand all local employment terms, income levels and social costs, before finalizing an HR policy.

Outsource as much work as possible.

Avoid locations known to harbor militant trade unionism.

Biggest challenge is to create a good and effective link to the company in The Netherlands. Make sure the mixture of local and Dutch is good.

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