Why your next trip must be to The Netherlands

Why your next trip must be to The Netherlands

The Schiphol Airport is at an elevation of -3.00 m. That means below 3 meters of the sea level. If the sea level rises, Airport will eventually become a port. Now, let’s not hope that will happen in the near future.
They are the most beautiful masterpieces spread across The Netherlands. Fun fact – It is not for generating electricity. There are different kinds of windmills: mills to pump ground water, mustard mills, hemp mills, grain mills, snuff mills, cocoa mills, oil mills, chalk mills, paint mills and saw mills.

Tulip Fields
Tulips originate from the Himalaya area, they were brought to Turkey from there. Around 1560 they were brought from Turkey to the Netherlands. But if you happen to see a blue tulip on the internet, that should be a painting or a photoshop.

There are so many bicycles in Netherlands that, it can get frustrating to find your bike. Yearly, 25000 of them anyway end up inside the canals and only 8000 bikes are pulled out.

So, if you are visiting Amsterdam, you can find a bike lurking inside the canals. Try pulling one for yourself. We don’t recommend it though.

The highest point in Netherlands, Vaalserberg, is only 323 meters above sea level. The rest of nation is as flat as pancake and below the sea level.

The Netherlands makes the best cheese in the entire world. If you are lactose intolerant. It’s better to stay away from cheese. But, nothing can beat the view of the stacks of these yellow cakes, isn’t?

The Van Gogh Museum
The Van Gogh Museum is located in Amsterdam at the Museum Square. On display are around 200 paintings and many drawings and also, some 750 letters of the master painter.

Vincent Van Gogh’s works were never appreciated during his lifetime and he managed to sell only one painting. Today, his works are appreciated all across the world.

Year 2015 is celebrated as Van Gogh year in Holland.